What Your Birth Month Flower Says About You

Taking the Time To Ponder Blooms with Spring and Summer Upon Us

by Lisa Ledoux
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There are many ways of self-expression through flowers, but did you know that the flower assigned to your birth month may say something about you?

In this article, we’ll explore what insight these special petals may provide into your personality, characteristics, and qualities!

The History of Birth Month Flowers

The tradition of giving birth month flowers as gifts has been around for centuries, and it’s still practiced in many countries today.

It’s said to have started in the Roman Empire, where they were given as tokens of love and friendship.

And if you’re interested, there are many varieties of birth month flowers and plants from different regions, for example, those in Australia and from Japan’s floral calendar (so beautiful and interesting).

Birth Month Flowers Today

In modern times, birth month flowers are often given as gifts to mark special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and a range of other life celebrations.

They’re also given in honor of the significant holidays within the month they pertain to, for example, a Christmas bouquet may include holly, the secondary flower of the month.

Holly bush with beautiful red berries covered by snow in the garden in winter season. Ilex cornuta

Birth month flowers can be found in many different colors and varieties, and gifting them’s a personalized and great way to show someone you care about them.

Calendar Month Flowers

Calendar months often have two flowers associated with them, a primary and a secondary flower. In this article, we will be examining the primary flowers of each month.

Read on to find out whether or not your birth month flower offers any clues about yourself.

What Your Birth Month Flower Says About You

White carnation closeup

January: Carnation

January is a time of renewal, and as we welcome the New Year, there’s no better way to celebrate a fresh start than with a beautiful carnation.

The January carnation is known for its varying hues, signifying the warmth, love, and affection this special person may possess.

It speaks to the January-born’s charisma, intelligence, capriciousness, and courage – they are not afraid of change and never afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

All these traits make those born in January great friends and companions, beloved by family and friends alike.

February: Violet

A February violet is a flower that symbolizes modesty, loyalty, and faithfulness. It’s said that those born in February can be trusted to remain dedicated to their commitments even in difficult times.

It also suggests that February-born are likely to be reliable, trustworthy, and consistent in their actions.

Additionally, the purple color of the February violet conveys a sense of wisdom and dignity, suggesting that those born in February may be thoughtful and have an air of grace about them.

All these qualities make someone born in February an ideal friend or companion who will always be there when needed.

March: Daffodil

A person born in March is associated with the March daffodil, which symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.

Woman with daffodil flowers in basket walking in blooming cherry tree orchard. Spring season in nature

People born in this month are optimistic and have a strong sense of perseverance, as they will find the inner strength to start anew even after a difficult period.

The flower’s yellow color suggests joy and cheerfulness, meaning people born in March are typically uplifting and bring positive vibes to those around them.

And, daffodils are said to be a sign of hope and respect; so those born in March likely have a deep reverence for others, value integrity, and stand up for what they believe in.

April: Daisy

April’s a time of year associated with freshness and renewal.

Daisy, the beloved flower, is often seen in springtime gardens and its meaning is widely understood to symbolize innocence and purity.

It also symbolizes the start of a new season and a new beginning. For someone born in April, this flower also represents the refreshing energy that comes with the transition from winter to spring.

April-born can find joy even in difficult times and have the ability to bring beauty into the world around them.

The bright colors and cheerful shape of an April daisy signify optimism and a willingness to embrace change, positive traits for anyone, but especially prevalent for those born in April.

May: Lily of the Valley

smiling young woman in boho style clothes hold lily of the valley side shot outdoor closeup

The May Lily of the Valley is a flower that symbolizes humility, sweetness, and purity – perfect attributes for someone born in May.

This flower’s often used to convey messages of happiness and good luck to May-borns.

It denotes someone gentle and kind-hearted, while also being strong-willed and determined.

They’re believed to be faithful in their relationships, inspire others with their humble and positive attitude; are thought to be full of wisdom, have a good eye for detail, and are intelligent.

They have great emotional resilience and can handle tough situations with grace and poise. All these qualities make them special people capable of achieving great things in life.

June: Rose

A June rose is a symbol of passionate love and devotion. For June-born, it speaks to their unyielding, devoted nature.

Woman wearing white shirt smiling and pruning roses in the backyard garden

They’re true, reliable friends, they also have a fiery spirit that emanates from their core, and a passion for life that few can match.

When it comes to relationships, they’re present, affectionate, and put in their best effort for those they love.

They’ll never shirk their commitments and put in the hard work necessary to persevere.

On top of all this, those born in June have an admirable sense of loyalty that sets them apart from the rest.

July: Larkspur

A July Larkspur symbolizes the joy and beauty of life, a trait that is often associated with someone born in July.

People born in July are known to be strong, graceful, and creative individuals who love to express themselves.

They can be risk-takers who enjoy taking on challenges, pursuing their dreams, and having a positive enthusiasm for life, but they also know when to step back and enjoy the simple moments in life.

They can appreciate the beauty of nature, something that is often represented by the larkspur flower.

People born in July have a natural appreciation for both the big and small details of life, from deep conversations with friends to simply watching the sunset.

Close up of bucket full of fresh gladiolus and dahlia flowers harvested in summer garden. Senior woman farmer picked blooms grown organically

August: Gladiolus

An August gladiolus is a flower associated with strength and moral integrity.

As such, they’re often given to those born in August to signify the same qualities. Gladioli’s upright petals come in a variety of colors, each of which represents different qualities and meanings.

For example:

  • pink gladioli represent love, admiration, and respect;
  • white gladioli represent lasting purity;
  • orange gladioli represent enthusiasm;
  • yellow gladioli represent joy;
  • purple gladioli symbolize wisdom and admiration;
  • and red gladioli stand for passion, joy, and remembrance.

Given these meanings, an August born with a gladiola could be seen as strong-willed, kind-hearted, enthusiastic, joyful, wise, and passionate all in one spectacular human being!

September: Aster

A person born in September has an aster as their birth flower and is said to embody courage, wisdom, and achievement.

They’re seen as people with a strong sense of inner strength and determination; when faced with obstacles they will not be easily deterred.

A person born in September is typically very independent and goal-oriented; they are naturally intelligent and intuitive- giving them the insight to make wise and informed decisions quickly.

Overall, the September aster lends admirable qualities to those born during this month – they are courageous risk-takers with a strong sense of self-belief, intelligence, and moral clarity.

October: Marigold

A person born in October is associated with the marigold flower, an autumn bloom with bold colors.

Mature Females Working In Greenhouse Looking After Vegetables And Plants Together

This flower stands for creativity, passion, and ambition, qualities that are essential for anyone born during this month.

The marigold also symbolizes warmth and joy, which speaks to the innate positivity, and generousness of someone born in October.

It is said that those born in this month share a special bond with nature, making them strong stewards of the environment.

Marigolds represent immortality as they can withstand cold weather while still blooming vibrantly; just like an October-born person who courageously conquers any challenge that comes their way.

November: Chrysanthemum

A person born in November is said to possess the qualities of the chrysanthemum. As their birth flower, it is commonly a symbol of loyalty and joy.

They are known for having a strong sense of passion, as their bright and vibrant flower colors signify the energy a November-born brings to all that they do.

On top of all this, the November chrysanthemum is said to bring forth friendship and love. Its bright petals symbolize admiration and respect for those around them.

Ultimately, the chrysanthemum is a reminder that someone born in November can bring light into any situation with enthusiasm, loyalty, and friendship.

December: Narcissus

A December Narcissus is known for its beauty and purity, and symbolizes admiration and adoration.

Elegant smiling young woman with long blonde hair in a black coat poses in the city. Portrait of a beautiful modern woman with flowers

It’s also associated with honesty, faithfulness, and dependability. These traits embody a person born in December as they’re reliable, trustworthy, and devoted to their relationships.

As the winter season approaches, these qualities become even more apparent as people born during this time of year typically take on many responsibilities with grace and integrity.

Furthermore, narcissus blooms are seen as the embodiment of optimism – a trait that many born in December share.

With an outlook towards the future full of possibility and hope, those born under this sign tend to always look for the best outcomes no matter what situation life throws at them.


Each bloom carries its own set of unique traits and qualities, all of which give you insight into the kind of person you are.

Take the time to explore your birth flower and appreciate all that it represents; you might just find some surprising aspects within yourself and those around you.

And even better? You now have a meaningful gift idea for all your friends and family!

Thanks for Reading!

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