What Every Woman Needs to Start Her Home Gym

by Lisa Ledoux

Are you looking for a way to lose weight and get in shape without having to leave your home? If so, then creating your own home gym is the place to start!

mint green and white modern living space with a yoga mat, exercise machines, an exercise ball and hand weights to complete the home gym

When it comes to working out, having the right home gym equipment can make all the difference.

But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to begin.

In this article, we’ll look at why many women are choosing to invest in home gyms and discuss the 7 inexpensive, easy-to-store pieces of equipment essential for any home gym.

We’ll then look at 7 additional items that are great investments and will make your at-home gym complete.

So, whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to add to your current collection, this article is for you!

Why Should I Invest in a Home Gym?

Save Money

Investing in a home gym can save you money in the long run. A home gym eliminates the need to pay for gym memberships, class fees, and transportation costs, to name a few.

Get Into Shape Quicker

Home gyms can help you get into shape quicker and boost weight loss efforts- you have constant access to workout equipment and can exercise when it’s convenient for you, with no embarrassment, insecurities, or anxiety.

Avoid crowds

If you are someone who prefers to exercise in peace, a home gym provides the perfect solution. You will no longer need to deal with the crowds, germs, and other people’s sweat at your local gym- or wait for equipment to become available!

on a grey faux wood floor sits an exercise ball, rolled up yoga mat, a jump rope, hand weights and a water bottles

Exercise on Your Own Schedule

Exercising at home gives you the flexibility to take breaks when needed, to shower and change at your leisure, and eliminates the pressure to keep going as you might feel at a public gym, which could lead to pushing yourself too hard and potential injuries.

Tailor Your Workout

If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or build muscle, you can choose the equipment and exercises that are most effective for achieving these results.

A home gym gives you complete control over your workout routine and ensures that every session is tailored specifically for you.


Working out at home can:

  • reduce the number of times you venture out into dark mornings or dark evenings for that quick walk or jog,
  • help you avoid inclement weather,
  • avoid areas there may be strays or wild animals, especially if you’re exercising alone.

7 Essential Pieces of Equipment for any Home Gym

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1.) Yoga Mat

As we get older, it becomes increasingly important to stay active and maintain our strength and flexibility.

Yoga is an excellent way to improve strength, balance, and flexibility– and a comfortable, quality yoga mat will provide the cushioning and support you need to practice safely, absorb impact, and make it easier to maintain balance and prevent injuries.

Yoga mats are made from a variety of materials, textures, and thicknesses to suit different needs and provide extra grip and stability during yoga practice.

A large sized woman wearing workout clothes stand on a yoga mat holding an exercise ball in front of her, in her living room

They can also be used for a variety of other exercises, such as Pilates or stretching.

2.) Exercise Ball 

An exercise ball is a great piece of fitness equipment for women.

It can help improve coordination, balance, and flexibility, and increase muscle strength.

An exercise ball is a versatile piece of equipment that can provide multiple benefits for women of all ages and can be used for everything from ab workouts to stretching exercises, to assisting with proper posture.

3.) A Set of Dumbbells or Hand Weights

For many women, aging can mean a gradual decline in strength and muscle mass. This deterioration can lead to increased frailty and a decrease in overall mobility.

However, dumbbells offer a great way for women to combat the aging process and maintain their muscular strength.

By weight training on a regular basis, women can help slow down the loss of muscle mass, increase lean muscle, and improve bone density, which can help reduce fractures and keep their bodies strong.

In short, dumbbells are an essential piece of equipment for any woman interested in staying healthy and aging gracefully.

4.) Kettlebells

Kettlebell exercises are often performed at a high intensity, which can help you get your heart rate up, and improve your endurance and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Kettlebells are especially useful for exercises that target the posterior chain, which includes the muscles in the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back- essential for good posture and preventing injuries. They can also help to give the appearance of a more toned and shapely backside.

Finally, kettlebells can help improve your balance and coordination. The unstable nature of the kettlebell forces your body to work harder to maintain balance, which can help improve your coordination over time.

5.) Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands can be used for a variety of exercises, from upper-body exercises to lower-body workouts, and are an effective way to tone your legs and butt without putting unnecessary strain on your joints.

Additionally, resistance bands can help improve grip strength, a highly important factor for women as they age.

And finally, resistance bands are lightweight, easy to store, portable, and relatively inexpensive. So if you’re looking for a way to get fit and start strength training without breaking the bank, resistance bands are a great option.

6.) Jump Rope

A jump rope is an incredibly effective cardio workout tool that can be used almost anywhere and offer multiple benefits for women.

First, jump ropes are relatively cheap and easy to use, making them a great option for women who are just starting to get into fitness.

Second, jump ropes are a great way to improve balance and coordination. They also provide a great cardio workout, give a total body workout, and help to tone the legs and arms.

Finally, jump ropes don’t take much space, and can be easily taken with you when you travel, which makes them a great option for busy women on the go.

7.) Stability Disc

Stability discs are often used in physical therapy to help with core stability, muscle tone, posture, coordination, and balance; and for women, balance becomes increasingly important as we age.

With age, bones become more brittle and our muscles become weaker which can lead to a greater risk of falls and injuries. Using stability discs helps to improve balance and coordination, which can reduce the risk of falls.

If you’re getting bored with your current routine or looking to add some challenges, stability discs can provide a new challenge that will help you stay motivated to stay active.

There you have it!

an overweight young woman is doing a yoga pose in a living room

These are just a few pieces of equipment that we think every woman should have in her home gym setup.

Of course, this is just a starting point.

As you become more comfortable with working out at home, you may want to add more equipment to your collection.

What Else Will I Need For a Home Gym?

There are a few non-exercise items you may also want to consider to outfit your home work-out space, for maximum motivation, comfort, and safety.

1.) Bluetooth Speaker

An excellent quality Bluetooth speaker will help you stay motivated with music during your workout and will naturally increase your pace. And along with a good speaker, a good playlist will really get you moving!

Check out this blog post The Best Home Gym Speaker Setups for Every Budget for some inspiration!

2.) Mirrors

Mirrors in your workout space are important for checking your form to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly and thereby avoiding injury.

3.) Mini Fridge or Water Cooler

Both a mini-fridge and a water cooler are nice additions to have nearby for staying hydrated during and after your workout.

4.) Lighting

Ample lighting is key for a safe and motivating workout environment. Make sure your space is bright and well lit and consider additional lighting if needed.

5.) Flooring

Flooring surfaces should be stable (no loose area rugs), and if you can’t redo the floors to add rubberized or no slip flooring, make sure to use non-slip mats.

6.) Television

If you have the space, adding a television is also a great way to stay motivated during your workout, particularly if you have workout equipment. You can catch up on your favorite shows while you sweat it out!

7.) Shoes and Clothing

Comfortable clothing and the right shoes are important for any workout. Invest in some quality workout gear that you feel good in and that supports your body during exercise.

Last But Not Least

You’ll want to make sure your space is clean and organized so you can focus on your workout and not trip over anything!

A little bit of planning and preparation will go a long way in making your home gym a safe and effective space for you to get fit.

What About Excercise Machines?

When you are ready to take your home gym to the next level and invest in some home workout equipment for maximum comfort, efficiency, and results, there are a few key machines to consider.

These machines are especially beneficial for women who are heading into their forties, fifties, and beyond, due to the ease of use and the gentle yet effective full-body workouts they provide:

3 pieces of gym equipment in a sparse home workout room with large windows

1.) Treadmills

2.) Ellipticals

3.) Recumbent Bikes

4.) Stationary Bikes

5.) Rowing Machines

6.) Pilates reformers

See my article The 6 Best Exercise Machines for Your Home Gym to take a closer look at these game-changing pieces of equipment!


When it comes to working out, there are a lot of different options available.

Women can choose to go to a traditional gym, take classes at a local studio, or enjoy home workouts.

While each option has its own set of pros and cons, home gyms offer a unique combination of custom workouts, equipment, cost, safety, and convenience that make them a great investment for women.

Home gyms allow you to:

an older woman sitting cross legged on a yoga mat smiling and giving thumbs up to the camera with a water bottle in her hand and towel around her neck
  • Create custom workouts that are specifically tailored to your own fitness goals.
  • Invest in equipment that meets your specific needs, whether that means buying a few key pieces or building a full-fledged garage or basement gym.
  • Be more cost-effective since you won’t have to pay membership fees or monthly dues.
  • Exercise in the comfort and safety of your own home without having to worry about the time, weather, transportation, etc.

And these essential pieces of home gym equipment will help kickstart your home gym journey!

With so many benefits, it’s hard to beat the convenience and customizability that a home gym can provide.

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