The 12 Best LED Makeup Mirrors For Every Beauty Look

by Lisa Ledoux

Finding the perfect makeup mirror can be a challenge, and with so many types and styles of LED makeup mirrors on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

Two happy girls applying make up in front of makeup mirror at home, laughing together.

Here is a guide to the 12 Best LED Makeup Mirrors for every beauty look, from natural to glam.

So stick around, have a look, and find your new favorite!

How to Choose the Best Makeup Mirror for Every Beauty Look

When it comes to choosing the perfect beauty accessories, you should begin by considering your specific needs.

For example, do you travel often?

If so, you’ll want something light and compact that won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

Look for a mirror smaller in size with a double-sided design — a regular side and an enhanced magnification side that allows you to apply detailed makeup more effectively.

Make sure the frame is made with durable materials that can withstand being folded and transported without getting damaged or warped.

Is the space you apply makeup in well-lit?

makeup mirror on a coffee table in a well lit light filled room

If vanity lighting is important to you, there are several illuminated models out there that will do the job nicely.

Consider your reflection preference — some people prefer bright, clear lighting while others prefer a softer glow — and make sure the color temperature is aligned with your needs.

And last- are you classic and fancy?

If so we’ll take a look at three more traditional styles of makeup mirrors that give a beautiful nod to the days of hand gloves and handkerchiefs.

With a little bit of research and patience, you can easily find the perfect makeup mirror for your needs!

A Little Boost Before We Start

Before we get to the list I wanted to share this awesome article, Look Fabulous at Any Age: Makeup Tips For Women Over 40, especially if you are just getting re-started on your new make-up regime (new year, new you)!

And to go along with it we would love to offer you this fun, free make-up checklist printable, which does feature a make-up mirror and other makeup essentials.

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The 12 Best LED Makeup Mirrors For Every Beauty Look

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1. Zadro Max Bright Sunlight Vanity Mirror

This lightweight, dual-sided Zadro mirror with 1x and 10x magnification is perfect for those who want to apply their makeup with shadow-free lighting.

It has several brightness settings and adjustable arms so you can use it anywhere, anytime, along with cord storage in the base for the 6-foot long cord.

2. HamSwan Makeup Mirror Vanity

Get ready to take your beauty routine to the next level with this 21 Bright Eye-Friendly LED Lights makeup mirror!

With 3 color light modes and 1X/2X/3X plus a 10X magnification, it’s simple to switch between settings for detailed hair, eyeliner, mascara, and more.

The 180° rotation and tri-fold design provide adjustable angles for convenience and you can power it with either the included USB cable or 4 AAA batteries (not included).

Perfect as a gift or addition to your vanity, this HamSwan makeup mirror is sure to be your go-to when it comes to creating flawless looks!

3. Conair LED Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

With an oval design, soft LED lighting, and fog-free technology, this mirror provides crystal-clear reflections no matter where you are. It also comes with a convenient stand so it won’t take up too much counter space when in use. 

This Conair double-sided lighted mirror is perfect for anyone looking for a more budget-friendly option that still gets the job done right.

4. Floxite 10X Magnifying Daylight Vanity Mirror

If you need extra magnification when applying your makeup, then this Floxite 10x magnifying mirror from Floxite is the perfect solution!

The daylight LEDs provide 2 settings, distortion-free glass, and the mirror is fully adjustable.

Please note it is a magnification mirror only.

5. WEILY Vanity Makeup Mirror

This stunning rose gold vanity mirror offers a classic design with 180-degree rotation, 21 LED touchscreen lights, batteries, a USB port, and adjustable brightness features so you can get the perfect light for any makeup look.

The Weily also has two-sided mirrors — one regular and one magnifying — allowing you to see every detail up close.

6. FENNIO Vanity Mirror

It features 3 color modes and adjustable brightness to simulate lighting on different occasions, 19″H x 22″ W size, and 360° rotation, providing a perfect upper-body view with 5X magnified accuracy.

You can easily switch between settings with the smart touch control buttons and it’s powered by an aluminum alloy frame with original edge-sealing technology that ensures maximum durability, shatter-proof membrane protection, and lasting allure.

The FENNIO Vanity Mirror is the perfect addition to any bedroom, dressing room, or living room, this light-up vanity mirror is HUGE, and makes a great gift for special occasions like Valentine’s day, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

7. Easehold Led Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

The Easehold Led Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror’s tri-fold design and LED lighting technology provide a panoramic view, and natural and even illumination, allowing you to achieve the perfect makeup look.

The sleek design of this mirror is equipped with two setting sides – offering 1x, 2x, 3x, and 10x magnification, which makes it great for detailed work and tweezing.

And, its 180-degree, adjustable 9-inch height allows you to comfortably adjust the angle of your mirror while in use. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about straining your neck or shoulders while applying makeup.

8. Fancii LED Lighted Large Vanity Makeup Mirror

Get ready to get glam with this next-level vanity mirror! It features adjustable Daylight LEDs that closely mimic natural sunlight for true-to-life color that lets you see all your makeup details.

Fancii’s dimmable touch sensor allows you to choose between daytime and nighttime lighting effects.

And, an extra large distortion-free glass with 1x and 10x dual magnification lets you easily switch from normal 1x view and 10x pull-out mirror for close-up details.

Plus, energy-saving LED lights turn off automatically after 15 minutes and the mirror can be powered by a USB cable or 4 AA batteries.

Finally, it provides 360-degree swivel rotation for optimum angle viewing, measures 15″ tall and 7.3″ wide, and comes with a 5-compartment cosmetic organizer base for storage of your makeup, jewelry, hair tools, and more.

9. Floxite 15X Supervision Deluxe Vanity Magnifying Mirror

This brilliantly designed mirror features a suction cup and adjustable chrome-plated neck that can be easily maneuvered to get the perfect look.

The Floxite 15X Supervision Deluxe Vanity Magnifying Mirror is a must-have.

It has 15x magnification, 2 light settings, and a 6.5-inch, detachable, folding, distortion-free mirror. And It’s a perfect choice for travel!

The Classic and Vintage Cosmetic Mirror

Reflection of decorative light, in a makeup mirror on woman dressing table with make up accessories

1. DOWRY Makeup Mirror

This 360-degree rotation, high-quality brass, and steel make-up mirror is the perfect addition to any vanity. Its 1x and 10x double-sided design allows you to magnify your face with incredible detail, ensuring that you can meet all of your make-up requirements.

Dowry’s gold finish is versatile and beautiful, and thanks to its durable construction and long-lasting materials, it will last through countless applications and can easily become a staple of your beauty routine.

2. Frcolor Tabletop Makeup Mirror 

This premium plastic vanity mirror offers high-definition 2x magnification on one side and a regular view on the other, so you can get a clear, close-up look at your face while applying makeup or grooming.

The Frcolor Tabletop is 360-degree rotatable, so you can adjust it to any angle for easier viewing. The intricate design around the frame gives it an elegant, classic look. Plus, the base is detachable for storage and carrying convenience.

3. Geloo Vintage Vanity Table Mirror-Desk Makeup Mirror

This vintage vanity mirror features an elegant, timeless look and is crafted from all bronze metal materials, ensuring heavy-duty construction that stands steady on different surfaces, and won’t rust or fade over time to keep your mirror looking great for years to come.

The Geloo Vintage features a smooth 360-degree swivel rotation and a distortion-free high-definition mirror that has been carefully ground and engraved by skilled artisans, exuding exquisite workmanship, making this vintage vanity mirror a must-have item in your home.  

The Benefits of Using an LED Makeup Mirror

Makeup mirrors have become invaluable beauty tools for many makeup and skincare professionals, as well as everyday consumers.

LED makeup mirrors are particularly beneficial due to their bright light that closely mimics natural sunlight and long-lasting bulbs.

This will provide the perfect accuracy when it comes to applying makeup precisely, seamlessly matching colors when blending eye shadow or lip liner, and detecting skin imperfections that need to be concealed more effectively (or plucked!).

And modern LED makeup mirrors are now adjustable, increasing their functionality significantly.

Some models even come with Bluetooth technology so you can control settings such as brightness and contrast directly from your phone!

With all these features available in one device, an LED makeup mirror is ideal for any beauty enthusiast who wants the best in precision lighting.

A beautiful blonde woman looking in the a makeup mirror applies makeup, using concealer, with more makeup on the vanity in front of her

Don’t Forget the Most Important Benefit- they feel Oh So Glamorous!

The bright lights and sleek design can make even the most mundane beauty routine feel glamorous and special.

And don’t we all want to feel like the gorgeous creatures on the outside as we are on the inside?

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Tip: Lighting Matters

There are different types of LED lighting options available in makeup mirrors, each with its own advantages. Here are a few examples:

  1. White LEDs: White LEDs are the most common type of LED lighting used in makeup mirrors. They provide a bright and cool-toned light that mimics natural daylight. This type of lighting is ideal for applying makeup as it shows the true color of your cosmetics and helps you achieve a flawless finish.
  2. Warm White LEDs: Warm white LEDs offer a softer and warmer light than white LEDs. This type of lighting is often used in conjunction with white LEDs to create a more balanced light that is less harsh on the eyes.
  3. RGB LEDs: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs allow you to customize the color temperature of your makeup mirror’s lighting. This is particularly useful if you prefer warmer or cooler tones when applying your makeup.
  4. Dimmable LEDs: Some makeup mirrors come equipped with dimmable LED lights, allowing you to adjust the brightness level according to your needs or preferences.
  5. Smart Lighting: As mentioned earlier, some high-tech makeup mirrors come with smart lighting technology that adjusts the brightness and color temperature based on your environment or time of day.
Happy mature woman looking at her self in a makeup mirror and smiling

The advantages of using LED lighting in makeup mirrors include energy efficiency, long-lasting bulbs, and accurate representation of colors due to their bright and cool-toned light.

And some LED lights can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs, making them a versatile option for any beauty routine.


Which one of these Top 12 LED Makeup Mirrors with lights is your favorite?

As you can see, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect LED makeup mirror for you.

But hopefully, this list has helped narrow down your choices and given you a better idea of what to look for when shopping for an LED makeup mirror.

Thanks for reading!

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