Intermittent Fasting and Exercise Motivation

7 Tips For Women Over 40

by Lisa Ledoux
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We both know that losing weight and creating a lifestyle where you’re limber, strong, sharp, fit, energetic, and joyous is so very hard.

If it weren’t, there wouldn’t be a global health and fitness industry worth 5.5 trillion dollars. Yes, trillion with a “t.”

And I wouldn’t be here with you, but here we are, and welcome btw!

But being hard doesn’t mean impossible.

If you’re feeling discouraged or overwhelmed by the journey ahead, know that you’re not alone.

And more importantly, know that it’s possible to achieve your health and fitness goals at any age.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips to keep you motivated with your intermittent fasting and strength training:

Tip #1)

Think of Others

So often today, the focus is “me.” “My.” “Mine.”

“My journey” “my self-care” “my mental health” “my truth” and so on… and I think it’s time for us to shift that focus and rhetoric.

Who else is this for? Who else do you want to be healthy for besides yourself? What other positive changes will come from your improved health?

  • Will I be able to volunteer when I’m more fit?
  • Will I be a more energetic wife, mother, sister, and daughter, who’s fitter, healthier, and happier?
  • Can I be a role model and help other people fast, and get strong and fit?
  • Will my family learn healthy food cooking, snacking, and philosophies they carry on in their futures?
  • Will my future body be strong and healthy and not a burden for others?
  • Will I do more fun, active stuff with my fit body and teach my children and grandchildren that vitality is possible as we age?
  • Will I walk my dog more? Maybe I’ll get a dog- I’ll be able to take care of one now!
  • What wonderful changes and positive ripple effects for others will my confident, fit, self, create?

Include these reasons as part of your “Why” in the next tip.

Tip #2)

Write Down ‘Why’ and Sit With It

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Why else do you want this?

Grab a coffee and take 20 minutes to sit and write down all the reasons why you want to intermittent fast, and become fit and strong. Dig deep.

And yes, it’s also ok to admit you want to look smoldering hot🔥🔥🔥!

Set a weekly alarm to slowly and carefully read and digest these reasons every week, and set small targets for short-term completion.

Re-power your motivation with this list, when motivation feels depleted.

Tip #3)

Brainstorm a “Slow” List

Don’t rush results.

Don’t overhaul your entire current lifestyle.

Make food and nutrition changes gradually.

Replace old habits (and old, sad processed food choices) one at a time, and take the time to work on each improvement.

Brainstorm some slow changes right now, that you can start today!

Some brainstorming examples may be to:

  • prep and freeze some quick lunches and dinners for 2 weeks (to avoid daily burnout)
  • assess and make a plan to avoid bad habit pitfalls (different routes home to avoid fast food)
  • complete one short 15-minute strength training or low-impact (video) session. Daily.
  • set a daily alarm to fill and drink a 2-liter jug of water every day- and for cryin’ out loud- make your water fun!
  • prep vegetables, pickle vegetables, make or buy sauerkraut, make Mayak eggs, and other quick sides to build fast and dirty lunches
  • commit to keeping high-fiber fruit close by and actually cut it and eat it!
  • commit to exercising when inspiration hits- no matter what you’re doing- like right now!!!

Keep this list on your counter, by your coffee machine, and read it every day for 3 weeks.

Tip #4)

Prioritize 3 Things

You won’t work out if you feel pain every day.

1.) Prioritize Recovery.

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  • Stretch each morning, evening, and after workouts,
  • use ice packs,
  • have baths when you’re sore,
  • get foot massages,
  • get full body massages, (I use topical pain relief creams or pain relief medication as needed)
  • stay hydrated,
  • get nutrients,
  • sleep, and generally take care of yourself.

The only 2 other changes that should be prioritized are 2.) your daily exercise and 3.) your daily IF schedule.

Doing these things will actually MAKE you feel motivated and “serious,” and will give you the boost you need to keep going.

Tip #5)

Get Support Now

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Do you have a friend, cousin, aunt, parent, sibling, or partner you can share your progress with?

Not that everyone won’t see it, in time, but feeling positive and happy about your changes is great when you’ve got someone you can share it with.

Support can also come in the form of prayer- if worldly people fail you- heavenly hosts won’t!

Online communities like those found on Facebook can also be helpful.

Tip #6)

Keep a “Goal” Outfit Close By

Have you heard that tired advice about getting rid of clothes that don’t fit you?

Even if you’ve hung onto them for 10 years?

Ignore it! Dust off your favorite “goal” outfits and let them see the light!

Hang one in your kitchen, your bathroom, or living room- anywhere you’ll see it- daily.

And because we tend to no longer “see” things after a while (this is why Post-its everywhere rarely work), switch out the outfits every week.

Try them on periodically, even if you look like a sausage casing or can only fit one arm in.

These are tangible, visual reminders of what you desire and will give you the motivation you need when you need it most!

Tip #7)

Shed “Perfection” Behaviour

“Hellooo…?” “Is anybody out there…who’s perfect?” NO!!!

So why do we wait to start things in our life, that would benefit us? -things that we desire?

I get it! I’ve done it! I do it. I’m doing it right now in 2 areas of my life!!!

What about you?

My motivational advice for you happens RIGHT NOW– Put your foot down and get started today!!!

Or, get back on track if you’ve gone wayward!!

You can do this; eat well today, make an IF schedule today, strength train today. Do everything on this list, today!!

Plus size corpulent young woman doing physical exercises indoors for being in good shape. Dieting and healthy lifestyle

If you never get started you’ll never see results!

And So…

I’m here, I’m rooting for you, I want you to be strong and trim and fit and healthy and filled with clarity and positivity.

You do too.

So meal plan, make an IF schedule, watch Fabulous 50s, strength train, make goals, and do it!!!

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