Green Yoga- “Calling All Stressed-Out Women!”

Are You Looking for a Way to Get Fit and Flexible?

by Lisa Ledoux

What about being more centered? Having a deeper connection to the earth and your surroundings? Being less stressed?

Great, welcome to the world of green yoga!

In this post you’ll find:

Beautiful young woman in pink yoga pants sitting on yoga mat
  • Green Yoga- What is It?
  • Common Poses and Breathing Techniques
  • What is the Pranayama Technique? 
  • What Are Eco-Friendly Yoga Accessories?
  • Shop Accessories
  • Sustainability and Green Yoga Studios
  • Creating a Greener Practice Space at Home
  • The Benefits of Practicing Green Yoga Outdoors 

Ok, Let’s Dive in!

Green Yoga- What is It?

Green yoga is a practice that involves incorporating eco-friendly practices into your yoga routine as a way to support environmental sustainability.

This includes practicing yoga outdoors, using sustainable and non-toxic yoga mats, clothing made from sustainable materials, and reducing energy consumption in yoga studios and homes.

Overall, Green yoga is a holistic approach that helps connect you with the environment, while also supporting sustainable living practices.

By incorporating green yoga into your daily routine, you’ll enhance your practice, help reduce waste, and tune into the beauty of nature, ultimately resulting in a healthier planet.

Common Poses and Breathing Techniques

This type of yoga emphasizes the connection between nature and the body.

You’ll notice that in Yoga, many of the common poses like the tree pose, the mountain pose, and the butterfly pose mimic the natural environment.

As for breathing techniques, green yoga uses the pranayama technique, which involves deep breathing and focuses on inhaling fresh air and exhaling toxins from the body.

What is the Pranayama Technique?

beautiful pink lotus flowers in the pond

It’s an ancient yogic practice of breath control techniques to expand and enhance the flow of energy throughout the body, like deep breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and breath retention.

Pranayama is traditionally used for purification and balance of the body and mind and can be practiced alone, as part of a yoga practice, or during meditation.

It’s known to reduce stress, improve respiratory health, strengthen the immune system, and enhance overall well-being.

What Are Eco-Friendly Yoga Accessories?

In terms of gear, many companies now offer eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories such as blocks and straps that are made from recycled or renewable materials, such as cork.

Additionally, wearing sustainable, breathable clothing made from natural fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp can also help reduce your environmental impact.

If you’re environmentally conscious, selecting eco-friendly accessories is the obvious choice.

Shop Accessories

Simply click on the links to go to the product page and purchase your yoga gear- it’s that easy! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

Yoga Mats


This natural eco-friendly cork yoga mat offers a superior grip, 100% non-toxic, and odor-free natural rubber backing. It provides unparalleled knee cushioning, and- every Lush Valley Lifestyle cork yoga mat comes wrapped in plantable wildflower seed paper!

2.) Numat Cork Yoga Mat

The Numat Cork Yoga Mat is made from natural cork on the top and non-toxic TPE on the bottom, providing an eco-friendly and comfortable surface. It has body alignment lines for correcting posture and the 6mm thick mat is lightweight and comes with a carrying case, making it easily portable.

3.) Foiller Premium Natural Jute Yoga Mat

The Foiller Premium Natural Jute Yoga Mat features a blend of natural jute and TPR provides non-slip properties, is made of sustainable, non-toxic materials, is cushiony, and is free of latex and harsh chemicals.

4.) Buddha Bound Yoga Cork Yoga Mat

The Buddha Bound Yoga Cork Yoga Mat is made from cork, providing a superior non-slip surface and without trapped odors; free from latex, PVC, and harsh chemicals. It is composed of polyester, cork, cotton, and rubber.

5.) Gurus Roots Yoga Mat

Gurus Roots Yoga Mat uses cork for grip that improves when wet but prevents moisture absorption. The non-toxic natural tree rubber provides great cushioning, while its minimalist design looks beautiful and blends in with any decor.

6.) N/C Eco-Friendly Natural Jute Yoga Mat

The N/C Natural Jute Yoga Mat is made of low-modulus, flexible natural jute embedded in polymer PER for excellent durability. It has a textured feel, a double-sided non-slip surface, is easy to clean, is PVC and latex-free, and doesn’t produce any smell.

7.) Iodoo Thick Large Cork Yoga Mat

The Iodoo Thick Large Cork Yoga Mat’s cork surface absorbs liquid and the TPE bottom provides friction. It has a large 32-inch wide design, is made from eco-friendly materials, and includes a canvas yoga bag.

8.) Tranquil Yogi Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

The Tranquil Yogi Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats are made from cork and natural rubber, offering a non-slip, high-density surface for your yoga practice. It comes with a carry strap, available in 9 colors.

9.) Merrithew Eco Mat for Kids

The Merrithew Eco Mat for Kids is a cushioned, durable, easy-to-clean eco-friendly yoga mat made from non-toxic, food-grade PER. It’s free from toxins, heavy metals, and phthalates. It has a grippy, non-slip surface and a built-in handle for convenience on the go. 5 colors to choose from!

10.) Yawho Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

The Yawho Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat is made of non-toxic SGS-certified TPE material, free from latex and PVC. It has a non-slip, odorless surface, excellent cushioning, moisture-resistant technology, a washable design, an alignment stripe design, and it comes in 5 colors!

Yoga Blocks

1.) Yoga-Mad Bamboo Brick 

The Yoga-Mad Bamboo Brick is an eco-friendly yoga accessory made from high-density bamboo wood. It’s hollow, lightweight, and perfect for providing support. It can be used to ground or lift in many standing and seated postures and comes sold singly.

2.) YogizMat Cork Block

The YogizMat Cork Block is a sustainable yoga accessory made of cork without cutting down trees. It’s sturdy, doesn’t compress under pressure or weight, has rounded corners, an anti-slip grip, and a universal fit. The cork block comes in a pair and measures 22.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 cm (8.8 x 5.3 x 3 inches).

3.) Trideer Cork Yoga Blocks

The Trideer Cork Yoga Blocks come as a 2-pack and are made of natural non-slip cork material. Measuring 9”*6”*3”, these eco-friendly yoga accessories are for you to enhance your practice.

Yoga Straps

1.) Khyote Yoga Strap

 The KHYOTE Yoga Strap combines a traditional yoga strap with a 3 loop-style stretching strap for increased functionality. Made with 100% cotton, this naturally soft and skin-friendly strap is ethically handmade in the USA, with 3% of profits going to the Tula Yoga Project.

2.) pete’s choice 2-Pack Yoga Adjustable Straps

The pete’s choice 2-Pack Yoga Adjustable Straps are made of beige cotton and feature 8-foot adjustable straps, a durable D-ring, and include a bonus eBook!

3.) Open Road Goods Cotton Yoga Strap

The Open Road Goods Cotton Yoga Strap is made of 100% cotton, is a perfect size, comes with a carrying case, and is crafted with thick metal D-rings and a tight weave for high quality.

What a great start to your Green Yoga Journey.

Sustainability and Green Yoga Studios

Besides using eco-friendly yoga mats and props and opting for organic and locally sourced yoga wear, try choosing studios that prioritize sustainability if you’re not practicing at home.

For example, use a yoga studio that reduces energy consumption by using energy-efficient lighting and heating systems or even using solar power. How would you know? Ask!

Some studios even source non-toxic wood and paint, natural cleaning products, and washable towels instead of disposable ones, buying locally, and so on.

Creating a Greener Practice Space at Home

Beautiful mature senior woman at home, 50-60 years old pretty female yoga in the living room

Here is a bulleted list of how you can create a calming, natural, beautiful green yoga studio indoors:

  • Dedicated space: Choose a room in your home with plenty of natural light and enough space for your yoga mat, props, and any storage.
  • Natural materials: Use materials such as wooden flooring, cotton rugs, or bamboo mats instead of synthetic materials to create a natural feel.
  • Plants: Incorporate plants or a green wall to bring the outdoor feel inside.
  • Air purifiers: Install air purifiers in your space to remove pollutants and allergens from the air, improving air quality.
  • Lighting: Allow natural light to flood your space by choosing a room with a large window or using sheer curtains to let light in.
  • Colors: Use soft, calming colors such as earthy tones or pastels to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere: Eco-friendly candles and incense can create a calming scent and atmosphere.
  • Props: Choose eco-friendly props like cork blocks and mats made from natural materials.
  • Power Usage: Keep electronics to a minimum, or turn them off completely during your practice for a screen-free, distraction-free space.
  • Fabrics: Use organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp for clothes, curtains, pillows, and seating.
  • Water: Install a small fountain to create the sound of running water, which can be soothing for the mind and body.

Whatever you choose to do does not have to be a major investment. Do what you’re capable of and remember- you can always build over time!

The Benefits of Practicing Green Yoga Outdoors 

Practicing Green Yoga outdoors is pretty flippin’ awesome because:

mindfulness, couple doing yoga and breathing exercises at sunset, meditation on the beach
  1. It connects you with nature and allows you to feel and experience the natural environment deeply. Breathing in fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun, and being surrounded by greenery can enhance your feel-good vibes.
  2. You can use the natural surroundings to deepen your postures and stretches. The uneven terrain helps to strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility.
  3. The fresh air, sunshine, birds, sand, and greenery can boost your mood and help you feel calmer and more relaxed.
  4. Being outdoors is an eco-friendly choice. You don’t have to worry about lighting, temperature regulation, or cleaning. What carbon footprint?
  5. Fresh air can improve respiratory health by increasing lung capacity and oxygen levels. And being outside builds your immunity and overall physical prowess.
  6. Outside, you feel a more profound sense of awareness and gratitude for life.
  7. Your state of mind, positivity, and overall creativity erupt.

And So…

…practicing Green Yoga outdoors is another way you can explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga while preserving the planet.


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