The 9 Best Make-Up Subscription Boxes for Every Budget

by Lisa Ledoux

Finding the perfect make-up subscription box for your style and budget and needs can be tricky.

With so many product options on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best make-up subscription boxes for every budget.

So if you’re creating the perfect and elegant vanity space, no worries, we’ve got you covered.

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FAQs About Make-Up Subscription Boxes:

1.) What is a makeup subscription box?

A makeup subscription box is a monthly service that provides customers with handpicked beauty items from various brands.

These boxes contain combinations of fresh products such as lip gloss, eyeshadows, blushes, foundations, and skin care products, making them the perfect tool for frequent shoppers who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Those who subscribe to these boxes often receive exclusive offers tailored to their beauty needs so they can achieve influencer-perfect looks!

2.) What types of makeup items can I expect to get from a box?

Depending on the box, you can expect to receive items such as face primers, foundations, blushes, concealers, eye shadows, lipsticks, highlighters, and brow products.

They will often come in trial sizes so you can try out different looks and apply them as layers for desired results.

Professional makeup companies carefully choose products that fit the theme of each box and these items boast quality ingredients to give you the best results from your makeup routine.

3.) How often do boxes come?

Make-up subscription boxes come in a variety of intervals and delivery frequencies.

Depending on the stores and services you use, you can sign up for boxes that regularly come every month, every other month, quarterly, or even yearly.

Subscription boxes give users the convenience of getting new makeup without needing to shop each time, making it a great value proposition as well.

A smiling young Asian woman received a delivery package, holding eyeshadow palette for makeup, unpacking parcel sitting on the couch at home

4.) Are these products good quality?

Makeup subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular, promising their subscribers a wide variety of products of good quality.

But the question remains – are these makeup subscription box products of good quality? Generally speaking, yes they are.

Companies and brands that collaborate with subscription boxes put their best efforts into curating high-quality products to be featured in their packages since this is often seen as an extension of their own image.

However, it’s still important to check the reviews on all subscription boxes and individual products, which will give you a clear understanding of what to expect in terms of both quality and customer satisfaction.

5.) Can I cancel a makeup box subscription anytime?

Yes, most makeup subscription boxes allow you to cancel your subscription anytime.

6.) How much does it cost for a makeup subscription box?

Generally, the cost of these boxes varies depending on the brands included and the number of items that are received each month.

However, typically a monthly subscription box will cost between $15-50 USD, which can be a great way for makeup lovers to try out several different products without breaking their budgets.

Some boxes may also provide customization options to tailor the selection of items based on individual needs or preferences.

These plans can be conveniently managed online and the customer has complete control over what they receive each month.

7.) Do makeup box subscription companies have customer service reps?

Yes, most makeup subscription boxes have customer service representatives available to answer questions and provide support.

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8.) Are there special discounts for subscriptions?

Many companies offer discounts or bundle deals on their products as an incentive to encourage customers to buy more often.

The discounts may come in the form of free items with purchase, discounted prices for signing up for a longer subscription duration, or rewards points earned through frequent purchases and redeemed for items from an associated rewards program.

These types of perks give customers greater value and can help reduce the cost of makeup subscription boxes over time.

What to Watch for When Selecting a Makeup Subscription Box

When selecting a makeup subscription box, there are a few things to look out for:

  1. Seasons – Seasons are a big deal in the industry, and there are usually special offers or sales during the start of a new season, or during holidays like Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s day,.
  2. Variety of Products – Check what products the box offers and make sure they fit your needs.
  3. Quality of Products – Read reviews and check ingredient labels to ensure that the quality of the products is up to your standards.
  4. Customer Service – Make sure that the company you’re considering has good customer service so that you can contact them if you have any problems with your order or the product itself.

Let’s Get Started- Discovering the 9 Best Make-Up Subscription Boxes for Every Budget!

Find the hottest makeup subscription boxes on the market here- from fresher, newer names like Tribe Beauty Box to familiar names like Ipsy, there are plenty of choices available to treat yourself or a lucky someone.

The best part is, you never know what surprises each new box might reveal!

Prices are rounded out, are for the base boxes, and are accurate at the time of publication (March 2023).

  1. Tribe Beauty Box – Tribe Beauty Box offers beauty and makeup subscription boxes that contain 5 full-size products from quality trendy, indie, and upcoming brands in the industry. They are a 100% female and women-of-color-owned company. $39.99/bi-monthly.
  2. Kinder Beauty Monthly Box– Kinder Beauty Monthly Box is a vegan and cruelty-free subscription that sends subscribers 4-6 full-size beauty products and accessories every month. The boxes are filled with clean, natural, and organic skincare and makeup items. $26/ month.
  3. FabFitFun – FabFitFun is not just makeup, their boxes are filled with 6-8 full-size and luxury-size items for beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness delivered right to your door every season. $54.99/4 boxes annually.
  4. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a monthly subscription that sends customers five full-size beauty products hand-picked by their beauty experts. The subscription includes a makeup bag and the items are tailored to each user’s beauty profile. $28/month.
  5. GLOSSYBOX – GLOSSYBOX is a premium beauty subscription box that sends customers 5 deluxe and full-sized beauty products from top brands in aesthetically pleasing boxes. Products range from skincare to haircare, fragrance, and makeup. $18/month.
  6. Allure Beauty Box – Allure Beauty Box subscribers receive 4 full-size beauty items and 3 additional items each month with 3 payment plans to choose from. The products are tested and chosen by the experts at Allure magazine. $25/month.
  7. BOXYCHARM – BOXYCHARM is a beauty subscription box that offers 4-5 full-size and premium products from popular brands. They are currently merging with Ipsy but customers can still get (mostly) makeup, but also skincare, haircare, nail polish, beauty tools, and other accessories in their monthly boxes. $27.99/month.
  8. Lip Monthly – Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription that provides customers with 4 full-size lip products including lipsticks, lip stains, and lip glosses from top brands. They are a lower-costing subscription box with the base plan. $5 starter/ then $13-20/month.
  9. BomiBox – Bomi Box focuses mainly on amazing skincare products from the world-renowned k-beauty skincare lines and sends customers 4 full-size K-beauty skincare products tailored to their skin type every month. The boxes are not cheap, however, non-auto renew gift boxes are available as well as other subscription choices. $44.99/month.

The Pros and Cons of Make-Up Subscription Boxes

Beautiful young Asian woman in black clothes smiling at camera with  blur Shanghai landmark buildings background in autumn dusk light.

When considering the best way to purchase what you need, it is important to evaluate the pros and cons of each box.

Advantages of Makeup Subscription Boxes

There are several advantages to using makeup subscription boxes.

Each box offers different strengths in these areas, so it is important to look into what each has to offer before making a decision:

  1. Convenience – Subscribers can have their favorite beauty products delivered directly to them on a regular basis without having to leave the house.
  2. Variety – Companies often curate unique combinations of products and brands, allowing subscribers to try out different looks and styles.
  3. Savings – Most subscription boxes offer discounts and special deals that give subscribers access to premium products at lower prices.
  4. Surprise – A lot of subscription boxes include surprise products so there’s always something new to discover each month!
  5. Selection – By considering the selection of products when looking into any box, buyers can determine what meets their needs most efficiently while still getting good value for money.

Some Downsides to Makeup Subscription Boxes

  1. Not all products work for everyone – You may not like the products you receive in your box or they may not be suitable for your skin type, so it’s important to read customer reviews before signing up.
  2. Shipping delays and out-of-stock items – It can take a while for shipments to arrive and there may be times when certain products are out of stock.
  3. Subscription fatigue – After a while, you may feel bored with receiving the same products every month so it’s important to find a box that has something new each time.

Tips for Choosing the Right Makeup Subscription Box

Here are some tips for choosing the right makeup subscription box:

  1. Auto Renew – Most subscription boxes automatically renew. Be aware that unless you physically cancel the subscription, you will continue to be billed until you decide to cancel.
  2. Research – Take the time to research different subscription boxes and compare prices, product selection, and customer reviews.
  3. Set a budget – Decide how much you can afford each month so you don’t end up overspending.
  4. Find what works for you – Consider your personal style and preferences when selecting a box, you may prefer more skincare products than makeup, for example.
Set of make up cosmetics in a box on blue background

How to Save Money with Makeup Subscription Boxes

Here are some tips for saving money with makeup subscription boxes:

  1. Look out for special deals and discounts – Many subscription boxes offer exclusive discount codes or other incentives that can save you money.
  2. Subscribe to longer terms – Most companies offer discounts when subscribing to a three, six, or twelve-month plan.
  3. Try sample boxes – Sample boxes are great for trying out products without breaking the bank.
  4. Give as gifts! It will really make someone feel special.

To Conclude…

  • Make-up subscription boxes are the ultimate way to save time and money while still keeping your beauty routine fresh.
  • With a paid subscription, users have access to a variety of top-level makeup products delivered directly to their front door on a regular basis.
  • Although different packages may vary in content, all subscriptions guarantee convenience and cost savings.
  • By paying one low rate for several products at once, consumers can cut down on shopping trips and stay on budget.
  • Best of all, these packages can offer an opportunity to discover new brands, shades, and textures that they’ve never tried before!

Thanks for Reading!

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