Autumn Class: Shop Sophisticated Fall Footwear Here!

by Lisa Ledoux

Hey there my fellow, fabulous, mid-life ladies!

Woman wearing stylish leather shoes on stairs outdoors, closeup

Ready to kick off the fall season with a wardrobe revamp that’ll have heads turning?


Isn’t this season great- you can actually feel the exhilaration in the crisp air all around you!

Autumn Rocks

So let’s talk about the best fall shoes of the season because nothing says confidence and sophistication like leaves-falling-inspired kicks.

We’re going to look at some classic styles; think stables and Royal Ascot-inspired, London streets, New England in fall, and Ivy League campus dreams.

Let’s also add some sexiness to your step…Oh yes, I’ve got you covered 😉

And for more fashion inspiration and kicking to the curb that awful “dress your age” stereotype, keep reading below the footwear, but for now, let’s shop!

It’ll also give you a sense of some wardrobe pieces you can pair with these great fall-inspired pieces.


1.) Blundstone’s Originals-these Australian-made Australian-born boots are the best, most hardworking, sturdy, comfortable, quality boots to slip into. Did I mention how badass you’ll look?

2.) Hunter Women’s Original– nothing says classy Kate Middleton more than these durable Wellington-inspired boots- perfect for countryside activities, rainy days, and princesses!

3.) Obtaom Women’s Modern– cute, just cute, pair with dark jeans and a cardigan for a fun, fall look!

4.) Fall Ankle Boots– ok, see the picture at the top of the page- that says it all -go get inspired!

5.) LifeStride Bristol Tall Riding Boots– channel your inner Royal Ascot vibes and pair with some leggings and a fitted coat- sophistication anyone?? 🙂

6.) Skechers Women’s Bobs Plush– slip on these cute, red, fall-vibing slip-ons with some skinnies and enjoy the delights of the season- pumpkin patch? Farmers market? Whatever the occasion you’ll look great.

7.) Women’s Western Cowboy Boots– are barn dances still a thing? it doesn’t really matter, throw on some jeans or a long fall-hued skirt and wear these anywhere!

8.) Ficruya Women Wedge Loafers– culottes, paper bag pants, leggings, skinnies, anything goes with these desperately cute, youthful-feeling loafers 🙂

9.) SoftMoc Women’s Waterproof Mukluk– hands down, my favorite. where with any of the more form-fitting pants (jeans, leggings, etc.).

10.) Flat Duck Shoes for Women– because fall has rainy days- but aren’t they so beautiful too? These are perfect to fit in your work tote if the weather’s looking iffy.

11.) Sam Edelman Laguna Chelsea Boot– right. These are SO- I can’t even right now, they’re too gorgeous for words- where these with ANYTHING, and you’ll still look terrific!

12.) Hello Shero Fashion High Heel– I promised sexiness and I’ve delivered.

13.) DearOnly Women’s Short Bootie– sexiness AND sophistication.

14.) GoodValue Women’s Rain Boots– come on, these are too precious to be practical!!! Lol

15.) Red Western Booties for Women– westerns with a twist, and such a perfect color for any fall outfit.

16.) Manitobah Mukluks Women’s Snowy Owl Mukluks– these are timeless and another of my favorites.

17.) DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee High Riding Boots– and more sexiness. Add in comfort and style, too.

That’s it, ladies, I hope you’ve enjoyed shopping and I’m so excited to know which ones you chose- drop me a line and let me know.

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A Word To The Wise

Rear View Of Family With Fishing Nets Walking Along Shoreline Of Winter Beach

As we approach the incredible mid-life milestones, it’s time to ditch once and for all, society’s outdated notions of “dressing our age” and embrace our unique sense of style.

Let’s break free from those stereotypes and build a wardrobe that showcases our confidence, sophistication, and undeniable sexiness.

I’ve put together some tried-and-true fashion tips to help you navigate your 40s-plus, with flair:

1.) Denim Delights:

  • Embrace jeans that flatter your figure: Look for high-rise styles that provide support and a streamlined silhouette.
  • Experiment with different cuts: Boyfriend jeans, wide-leg trousers, and cropped styles can add variety to your denim collection.
  • Opt for darker washes: Dark denim exudes elegance and pairs well with both casual and dressier outfits.
  • Pair with loafers, ankle boots, high boots, mukluks, and Chelsea boots.

2.) Prints and Patterns:

  • Defy the notion that certain prints are age-restricted: Embrace bold and vibrant patterns, including floral prints, to express your individuality.
  • Mix and match with solids: Pair patterned pieces with solid-colored separates to create balanced and chic looks.
  • Play with scale: Experiment with various sizes of prints, from small and delicate to large and eye-catching, to find what suits your personal style.
  • Pair patterns with solid-colored shoes and solid clothes, when appropriate, with printed shoes.

3.) Accessorize with Confidence:

  • Make a statement with accessories: Bold necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and chunky bracelets can instantly elevate any outfit.
  • Accentuate your waist: Add personality with stylish belts that cinch your waist and create a flattering silhouette.
  • Don’t shy away from hats: Hats are a fabulous way to add flair and personality to your look, while also protecting your skin from the sun.
  • Never underestimate the “polish and umph” a good shoe can add to any outfit.
set of seasonal autumn fashion woman clothes, top view with copy space. Trendy shoes, sweater and handbag.

4.) Boot Up in Style:

  • Invest in timeless boots: Classic ankle boots and knee-high leather boots are versatile options that exude sophistication.
  • Explore different textures and styles: Consider suede, animal prints, or metallic finishes to add a touch of excitement to your footwear collection.
  • Pay attention to the heel height: Opt for comfortable yet stylish heels, such as block heels or stacked heels, that provide both support and elegance.

5.) Defying Stereotypes:

  • Dress for yourself, not for others: Prioritize your comfort and personal style over societal expectations.
  • Embrace your femininity: Choose pieces that highlight your curves and express your unique personality.
  • Be confident in your choices: Remember that fashion knows no age limit, and you have the power to redefine what it means to “dress your age.”


A pumpkin and corn on a lonely beach

As we navigate our 40s and beyond, let’s smash those stereotypes about what it means to “dress your age” and embrace our individuality with confidence.

Build a wardrobe that celebrates your personal style, experiment with different trends, and always prioritize comfort.

Remember, fashion is an expression of who we are, and though trends come and go, it’s never too late to say:

“Ok- fundamentally- this is who I am, and this is how the tone of my fashion style is going to be;” whether that’s casual, boho, sophisticated, punk, rocker, preppy, or whatever style YOU LOVE.

From mid-life onward, you’re bound to have your most stylish and empowering decades yet!

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