About Lisa

Hey there!

I’m Lisa, creator, writer, and chief editor of Ledoux Lagoon and I’m so glad you stopped by.

Questions You May Ponder…

1. Can I move into my forties and beyond and still feel young, energetic, and vibrant? Yes!

2. Is it okay to age and want to feel beautiful and look fabulous? Yes!

3. Can I get older and start anew- new challenges, new outlooks on life, new adventures? Absolutely! You can do all these things!

4. How do I know? Because I, like so many wonderful mid-life women, am doing it!

5. Did I always feel this way? No! But I do now. Each day I make a conscious effort to follow through on new habits and small changes that lead to overall big changes, and you can too- I share them right here!

I Did Start My 40s on a High. But After a Few Years…

It all tanked. And I was tired, so tired. So, blah…But I had a pretty good handle on why.
When I was completing my master’s degree in public policy, I rigorously focused the bulk of my work on aging people and related issues, in the health and policy realm.



  • how our choices impact our quality of life as we age
  • the preventative steps to take now to improve our overall health.
  • general health and well-being practices

In other words, I knew better, and eventually, I came to some serious realizations (see the tale in Birth of the Lagoon) which all led me here- to you!

There Are Many Reasons to Improve Our Well-Being

I have a large family, and together for all of us, I wish to live a long, and healthy life.

It’s not easy to consistently prioritize our health, practice self-care, and feel joy and gratitude when life’s stressors come calling.

It can be a struggle.

But because of The Lagoon (see below), and that long ago fateful day, I now try to embrace the beautiful essence of life every day (even for 10 minutes) and so can you!

Make a commitment to yourself. Do something daily that goes toward what you desire, to your goals, to that woman you secretly want to be– you can have it!

Taking care of yourself isn’t just about you, it affects everyone around you for the better.

So, start today! Check out these articles for inspiration and I’ll see you at the Lagoon!

And as I go, I leave you with a snapshot into my life:

Me: laughing at my own jokes with tears running down my face, gasping, “Why am I so funny?”

My kids: “Ummm…you’re not.”

Birth of the Lagoon

Rewind 35 years.

As a child, I dreamt of faraway places and tropical destinations. I yearned to see flora and fauna from a different hemisphere. To read in the shade of the palms, frolic on the water’s edge, and experience the bright, vibrant colors of nature.

Birth of the Lagoon