A Valentine’s Day Gift for Every Man – 37 Great Ideas!

by Lisa Ledoux
Fashionable young blonde African American man straightens his jacket

Ah, Valentine’s Day!

It’s a time when love and romance are in the air, but it can also be a stressful holiday.

From practical gifts to unique experiences, there’s something here that will make ANY man feel special on this romantic holiday.

We also have a gift guide if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, co-worker, or other special ladies in your life.

For the Outdoors Man

1. A new hiking or camping backpack

This will make carrying heavier loads easier and more comfortable, with plenty of compartments and pockets to stash many accessories and allow him to stay organized and ready for any situation that comes his way.

2. An all-weather fire starter kit with waterproof matches

This is a great gift for him as it provides him with the ultimate convenience and reliability in starting fires, regardless of rain, snow, or wind – giving him peace of mind that he can always get a roaring campfire going.

Male hiker takes a selfie on a sunny summer day thumbs up to the camera

3. A National Parks annual pass

A pass allows him to take advantage of the beauty, history, and outdoor recreation offered by your country’s incredible parks, monuments, and other historic sites year-round without having to worry about paying entrance fees every time.

4. A set of binoculars

A set of binoculars is a perfect gift as they allow him to observe and appreciate nature from afar with stunning clarity and detail, and provide the ability to see potential landmarks (especially if off course,) or danger, from a distance.

5. A solar charger for their cellphone

A solar charger provides peace of mind when camping or hiking, knowing that they can always stay connected and never run out of power, no matter how long their adventures may take them- hopefully there are cell phone towers nearby!

For the Vlogging Blogging Man

1. A high-quality camera or other photography equipment

This can be an invaluable gift for a vlogger, as it will allow them to capture their adventures in stunning detail and vivid colors that can be used to create memorable and engaging content for their viewers.

2. A laptop or tablet specifically for vlogging (or blogging)

A laptop or tablet specifically for vlogging is a great gift as he can easily create and edit high-quality content, with the ability to quickly upload videos online, add special effects and graphics, and access a range of applications designed specifically for creating engaging content.

food vlogger holding handful of blueberries while making pie at home and recording

3. A year’s subscription to a professional writing or editing service/course

A year’s subscription to a professional writing or editing service is an excellent choice of gift for him.

It can help him hone his writing skills, create high-quality content, and benefit from the expertise of experienced editors and writers who can review his work.

4. Customized business cards or stationery

For vloggers and bloggers, personalized business cards or stationery are an excellent gift choice to help them promote their brand in the industry and establish lasting connections with potential viewers, sponsors, and partners.

It allows them to stand out and look professional.

5. A stylish and functional travel mug

A stylish and functional travel mug is a perfect gift for any vlogger, especially if they frequently shoot videos in outdoor locations; the mug will keep their beverages warm or cool during filming sessions.

For the Sports Fan

1. A ticket to a game of their favorite team

A ticket to a game of his favorite team is an excellent gift- to experience the energy and excitement of being surrounded by passionate fans, as well as the chance to show his support for the team he loves.

2. A jersey or other souvenir from their favorite team

A jersey or other souvenir from his favorite team is something he can enjoy for years, and that he can wear to show off his pride and support for the team he loves.

Ecstatic sports fans watching soccer/football on TV and shouting in a pub

3. A subscription to a sports magazine, website, or channel

Subscriptions often provide exclusive content, including game highlights and articles from renowned sports journalists, as well as access to live games, and unique interviews with athletes and coaches from around the world.

4. A gift certificate to a sporting goods store

A gift certificate will give him the opportunity to obtain something he needs or wants to support his favorite teams, such as new apparel, equipment, memorabilia, or other merchandise.

5. A new set of golf clubs or other equipment for their favorite sport

This is a great gift for him.

Whatever equipment you choose will give him the opportunity to practice and improve his skills, while also providing him with quality gear that will help ensure he gets an optimal performance out of each game- or not so great performance, but lots of fun!

For the Sophisticated Man

Handsome, sophisticated mature man with cigar and a glass whiskey in a dark room

1. A designer or luxury watch

A designer or luxury watch is an excellent gift for him as it conveys a message of appreciation, is a timeless item he can appreciate for years to come, and is sure to be enjoyed by his friends, family, and colleagues alike.

2. An heirloom-quality pocket square

An heirloom-quality pocket square is a perfect gift for the special man in your life.

It is a timeless classic that will never go out of style and is sure to become a treasured item in his wardrobe.

3. Leather-bound journal

A leather-bound journal is a thoughtful and timeless gift that is sure to be appreciated by the special man in your life.

It will provide him with an attractive and durable place to record his thoughts, important dates, addresses, and so on.

4. Monogrammed cufflinks

Monogrammed cufflinks are a timeless, sophisticated item that can be personalized with his initials to make it even more special and unique.

5. A tailored or good quality suit or dress shirt

A tailored or a good quality well-fitted suit or dress shirt will show him that thought and effort have gone into finding something special and unique that will fit them perfectly and give them a sharp, masculine, and sophisticated look.

For the Travelling Man

1. A noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones would make an excellent gift as they provide superior sound quality, block out unwanted external noises, and improve the overall listening experience with greater clarity and depth.

2. A duffle bag or backpack

A duffle bag or backpack is a great gift for him because it is both practical and stylish, giving him the opportunity to transport items conveniently while also making a fashion statement.

3. Travel-sized skincare products

Travel-sized skincare products are conveniently sized for on-the-go application, and perfect for the quick over-nighter or as temporary products until he reaches your destination and can leisurely purchase full-sized products if needed.

Couples selfie of a man with outstretched arm to camera smiling with her girlfriend next to him at beach.

4. A passport holder

A passport holder offers long-term protection and organization of his passport and keeps important documents secure and easily accessible at all times, all in one place.

5. An international power adapter

This would make a fantastic gift for him, as it’s a practical item that he can carry while traveling overseas and provides the convenience of being able to charge his devices in any country.

For the Foodie

1. A sous-vide cooker

Sous-vide cookers are a great gift because they can easily and conveniently make restaurant-quality meals with precise temperature control, offering reliable results every single time.

2. An insulated lunch box

This is an excellent gift for the foodie in your life. Insulated lunch boxes can keep meals fresh and hot for hours, making it easier for them to enjoy healthy, delicious food on the go without having to worry about sacrificing taste and quality.

3. Premium steak knives

Premium steak knives are constructed with high-quality stainless steel that is durable and long-lasting, allowing a precise cut that preserves the juices and flavor of his favorite meals- and they make food preparation SO much easier!

4. An olive oil subscription box

An olive oil subscription box is a unique gift that provides an opportunity to continually explore exquisite, high-quality oils from around the world, and experience new flavors and textures.

5. A specialty cookbook

A specialty cookbook from famous chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay or Julia Childs, offers a wealth of delicious recipes, information on the latest and time-honored cooking techniques and styles, and insight into the culinary talents of some of the top chefs in the world.

Just Throwing it out There…

1. A nice bottle of scotch or whiskey

A nice bottle of scotch or whiskey is an elegant, timeless, and sophisticated gift that can help create a special moment or be shared on a special occasion.

2. A new sports watch

These do-all devices can help him monitor his fitness goals with features such as heart rate, calorie tracking, sleep analysis, and other in-depth health metrics.

5. A gift certificate to a nice restaurant

A gift certificate is a terrific gift.

He can enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere alone, or while spending quality time with family or friends, all the while being treated to a special culinary experience.

8. A fancy shaving kit

Fancy shaving kits are stylish AND practical. Leather is always a great choice, and the convenient, high-quality tools help him in his daily grooming routine, while also giving him the opportunity to look and feel his best.

9. A stylish pair of sunglasses

A designer pair of sunglasses is a cool gift for him because they offer superior protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays, while also looking great and providing an extra touch of style to any look.

Last But Not Least

Stylish man holds in his hand a glass of whiskey indoors

For the Man Who Has Everything…But Needs Some R&R

Nothing says “I love you” like a spa day!

Many men may not think of themselves as spa-goers, but after experiencing one of these relaxing treatments they may change their minds.

An indulgent massage or facial could be just the thing to help your man relax and unwind after a long day at work.

For the High-Tech Lover

Has he been wanting an upgrade on his home or gym speaker system?

Or maybe he’s been eyeing the latest gaming console?

Whatever tech toys he wants, get him a gift card so he can buy them himself. This will show him that you care enough to give him something thoughtful—without having to worry about whether or not you got it right!


No matter what kind of guy your special someone is – tech savvy, fashion conscious or simply needing some R&R – there is no shortage of amazing Valentine’s Day gifts available.

With this list of unique ideas, you’re sure to find something perfect for your man this year!

Show him how much you care with one of these thoughtful gifts and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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