9 Home Saunas That Will Transform Your Life

Indulge and Relax In the Comfort of Your Own Home Spa- You've Earned it!

by Lisa Ledoux

After years of hard work, saving, and rat-race living, it’s finally that time in life when we’re in a position to be able to do a few things for ourselves, exclusively. And what a wonderful feeling!

If you’re in the market for a home spa- the ultimate in self-care evolution- but you’re unsure of what to expect with today’s home saunas, look no further- Exploring the Trend of Home Saunas: What You Need to Knowthis will bring you up to speed!


Did you know that having a personal sauna in your home can bring countless amazing wellness benefits? You probably did- that’s why you’re here!

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Home Saunas and Their Benefits

Not only does it enhance cardiovascular health and relax the body, but being able to unwind with a luxurious hot steam session whenever you please is an unbeatable, uplifting feeling.

Home saunas are cost-effective and low maintenance, and promote weight loss, self-care, better sleep, mental clarity, skin detoxification, and allow for at-home privacy.

It’s now easier than ever to bring the benefits of a sauna into your own home and – with plug-and-play models, you can be toasty in no time!

The Featured Saunas

The main types of saunas we will look at in this post offer easy, portable, spacious, and opulent options for home spas.

These stunning, high-end saunas generally come as kits that can:

  • be assembled by 1-2 people,
  • are made from real wood,
  • and use far infrared heating.

Infrared heating is a type of technology that heats objects directly without first having to heat the air in between. This makes it an efficient and cost-effective form of heating. It is also the same form of heat emitted from our bodies.

In addition to providing us with warmth, infrared heating at ideal temperatures (such as in a sauna) can also improve sleep quality and help with muscle recovery by decreasing fatigue and soreness.

These are not your traditional built-in saunas that require extensive construction work, electrical (usually), and plumbing work; and do not require permanent, structural changes to your home.

The featured saunas come in various shapes and sizes, with features such as Bluetooth and CD players, chromotherapy lighting, and temperature control. If electrical work is needed, it’s usually changing the receptacle from a 15 to a 20 amp circuit.

They typically feature wood paneling, glass doors, infrared heating, and higher-end features that are the ultimate luxury.


There are other options cheaper available such as sauna tents and blankets which are discussed in this blog post.

Sauna tents provide a convenient way to enjoy steam therapy at home, are quick to assemble, and require little space.

Sauna blankets are even smaller, more compact, and cost the least amount of money.

Whichever type you opt for, these 3 types of portable models offer the same great relaxation and wellness possibilities, compared to expensive, timely, built-in, inefficient, steam home saunas.

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So check out these 9 home saunas that will transform your life- you will love them!

The Top 9 Portable Saunas

Single Person Design

1. ) Radiant Saunas 1-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

The Radiant Saunas BSA2402 1-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna is designed to fit perfectly into basements, home gyms, and master bathrooms, at 75 H x 36 W x 35 D inches and 250 lbs., or 113.4 kilograms, making it ideal to relax blissfully in your own home.

This sauna is great for relieving stress and tension, it uses 4 heaters to surround the body in soothing warmth and features an exterior LED control panel that allows for easy temperature control and lighting adjustments.

It is spacious with a full-length window, recessed lighting, and adjustable roof vents that keep fresh air flowing into the cabin.

Additional features include a built-in stereo sound system with an AUX connection for smartphones and an Interior LED control panel for temperature control and lighting adjustments.

It’s constructed with Eastern Hemlock, which is known for its durability and insulation capabilities.

Assembly is easy thanks to a buckle design and comes with a 7-year warranty so you can be sure your item will provide peace of mind for years to come.

2.) DYNAMIC SAUNAS Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 

DYNAMIC SAUNAS Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 

This extraordinary sauna is made out of natural reforested Canadian Hemlock wood, so it’s not only a beautiful piece to look at, but also durable and sturdy.

It can comfortably fit up to two people and its temperature is adjustable up to 140F with six infrared carbon low EMF energy efficient heating panels.

The soft-touch control panels and LED display make it easy to monitor the temperature and time settings, as well as enjoy your favorite music through the auxiliary connection with two dynamic speakers and pre amp (no radio included).

Furthermore, its clear tempered glass door offers an unobstructed view of the interior and exterior while in the sauna.

Its plug & play design allows for a simple set-up process that can be completed in 30-45 minutes; you only need a 110V/15AMP dedicated circuit.

What’s more, this magnificent sauna has an overall dimension of 39 W x 36 D x 73 H inches and weighs 250 lbs – making it perfect for indoor use only.

With this amazing product, you will experience a relaxing spa-like atmosphere without having to leave your home.

3.) Maxxus Saunas Maxxus Gracia 1-2-Person FAR Infrared Sauna

Maxxus Saunas Maxxus Gracia 1-2-Person FAR Infrared Sauna is shipped on a pallet through a freight carrier curbside, so your delivery will be safe and secure.

The temperature ranges up to 140F, with an ideal range of 118 – 135F and 7 infrared carbon, low EMF energy efficient heating panels that are 6 – 8 inches from the heating panel provide optimal heat distribution.

Features a control panel, Bluetooth capabilities, a roof vent, and interior lighting.

The large full-length windows provide a feeling of spaciousness and natural Canadian Hemlock wood ensures durability and strength while providing insulation for the one-person capacity sauna.

2-3 Person Design

4.) DYNAMIC SAUNAS Bilbao 2-Person Corner Far Infrared Sauna

This Canadian Hemlock Bilbao wood sauna is perfect for two people, offering seven infrared carbon low EMF energy efficient heating panels to operate up to 140F, plus soft touch control panels and an LED display that can show the temperature and time functions.

With music capability, you can listen to the radio/CD or MP3 auxiliary connection with two speakers. The tempered clear glass door and side wall provide a beautiful view and a spacious feel for those inside the sauna.

For electrical services, a 110V/15AMP (dedicated circuit) plug & play is provided (please consult a certified electrician). The clasp-together assembly of this sauna takes between 45min-1hour and measures 49” W x 48″ D x 76” H while weighing 345 lbs, making it suitable for indoor use only.

This sauna will provide an amazing experience, bringing both pleasure and relaxation.

5.) Dynamic Saunas Bellagio 3-Person FAR Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Saunas Bellagio 3-Person FAR Infrared Sauna is equipped with a tempered-glass door and two full-length front windows, both of which are tinted bronze.

It also features an easy-to-use interior LED digital control panel, chromotherapy lighting, a roof vent, Bluetooth and MP3 auxiliary connection, and two built-in speakers for added entertainment.

Nine Carbon Tech EMF FAR infrared panels provide powerful heating with increased speed, while a foot heater on the floor offers extra comfort.

Assembly is made easy with natural Canadian-certified reforested hemlock 6 mm wall panels and 6 mm roof and floor panels, and no plumbing is needed. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

Designed for indoor use only, this sauna can be set up at any home location from the basement to the master bath to the walk-in closet as long it has a 120 V / 20 dedicated outlet (if 120V/15, contact a certified electrician).

6.) Dynamic Saunas Torino 3-Person Corner FAR Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Saunas Torino 3-Person Corner FAR Infrared Sauna boasts a tempered-glass door with bronze tinted glass, dual soft-touch LED display control panels for its temperature and timed functions, as well as an FM radio with CD player and MP3 auxiliary connection with two dynamic speakers and preamp.

Ten FAR infrared carbon panels provide faster heating than regular ceramic and rock water steam saunas.

Assembling the sauna requires two people and can take up to 45 minutes thanks to the Canadian-certified reforested hemlock 6 mm exterior and interior wood planks with 1.25 in. inner frame, eliminating the need for plumbing.

This sauna runs on a 110V /20A dedicated outlet, though a certified electrician may need to be consulted if replacing a 15A dedicated receptacle is required.

4-6 Person Design

7.) Radiant Saunas 4-Person Infrared Sauna

This luxurious four-person Radiant sauna features Eastern hemlock wood, renowned for its superior insulation qualities that keep the heat inside the sauna room.

With nine carbon heaters strategically placed to provide maximum warmth and comfort, as well as a full-spectrum color therapy system, this sauna will help you relax after a long day.

Additional amenities include an integrated sound system with a CD player, radio, and aux input for your convenience, as well as back rests, towel hooks for ultimate relaxation, and a magazine rack to store your magazines.

The best part?

This product comes with a seven-year manufacturer warranty from one of the most trusted names in the industry – so you can rest assured that your investment is safe and secure.

8.) Radiant Saunas Cedar Elite 3-4 Person Infrared Sauna

Enjoy the fragrant warmth of Canadian red cedar with the Radiant Saunas Cedar Elite 3-4 Person Infrared Sauna.

Featuring a full-spectrum color therapy system and an integrated sound system with a USB port for your mp3 player or phone, this deluxe sauna kit allows you to adjust audio and temperature from an LED touch screen with a wireless connection and control ambient lighting with a remote.

Nine low-EMF carbon heaters are strategically placed for consistent, calming warmth.

This sauna is covered by a seven-year warranty on its wood and structure, a five-year warranty on the heating elements and electrical components (excluding the radio), and a one-year warranty for the radio.

9.) Dynamic Saunas Chaumont 4-Person Canadian Red Cedar Ultra Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna

The Dynamic Chaumont is designed to run optimally between 120°F and 130°F with a maximum reachable temperature of 140°F, the Cedar Elite Infrared Sauna is perfect for four people.

The Natural reforested Canadian red cedar wood construction requires 45 to 60 minutes for assembly with two adults.

Additionally, the sauna features a soft-touch LED display control panel for temperature and timer settings, a chromotherapy lighting system, reading lamp and exterior accent lighting, FM radio with Bluetooth and MP3 auxiliary connection with two built-in speakers, nine ultra-low EMF FAR infrared heating panels and a bronze front tempered glass door.

It works on a 120V /20A dedicated outlet (a certified electrician may be required when replacing a 15A dedicated receptacle) and is suitable for installation on standard floorings such as carpet, concrete, and tile.

Get the Most out of Your Home Sauna Experience

To ensure that you get the most from your home sauna experience:

  • take water in, and make sure you go in well-hydrated, the heat from a sauna helps speed up metabolism and increases blood circulation, so it’s important for your body to be well-hydrated.
  • stay away from alcohol because its dehydrating effects will reverse any of the positive benefits of your spa experience.
  • creating an atmosphere with the backdrop of relaxing music or an audiobook can heighten the senses and amplify relaxation.
  • after a workout or physical activity, a sauna session can help reduce soreness and enhance recovery as well.
  • when shopping online, be sure to consider size and space limitations before making a purchase.
  • portable options are convenient if you are tight on space- but don’t skimp on features or quality.
  • choosing the right kind of sauna will ensure that your new in-home spa experience is just what you need – stress relief, peacefulness, and relaxation!
  • soft lights and light aromatherapy scents are suggested to set the mood and add a layer of comfort while in the experience.
  • ALWAYS consult a physician to determine that a sauna is a safe choice for you.
  • Saunas are not for children.
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Try out a Home Sauna for Yourself!

Enjoy the many health benefits of a sauna right in the comfort of your own home.

They’re easy to install and no additional electrical work (given you have the correct outlet amp/volt) or plumbing is required.

With a few easy steps, you can enjoy the same relaxation and well-being from a professional sauna without having to leave your home or incur extra costs.

You’re just one installation away from calmer and healthier living – try it out for yourself today!

Thanks for Reading!

Hi! Drop me a line if you have and love your home sauna, and let me know any other thoughts you might have at being in this stage of life- 40s and Beyond!- yay!- and of course, if there’s anything you would like me to write about!

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